Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in Michigan. Cancer can be Sporadic or Hereditary. Sporadic cancer is a random event that happens by chance and accounts for most cases of cancer. Hereditary cancer runs in families and is caused by specific changes (mutations) in a person’s genes. About 10% of cancers are thought to have a hereditary cause. With proper screening, some cancers can be treated more successfully or completely prevented. Family history is the single strongest risk factor for cancer. View the resources below to find out more about inherited cancer risk or cancer genomics in the state of Michigan.

Highlighted Resources

BRCAn't Stop Me

BRCAn't Stop Me is the nation's first collegiate organization to focus on prevention and early detection of BRCA-related cancers. The group provides a support system for young men and women who carry the BRCA gene mutation, as well as those who have a family history of cancer.

Breast Cancer Genetic Counseling and Testing Patient Education Online Module

Online patient tool with educational sections to help you learn about the genetics of breast cancer and genetic testing. It presents the benefits and risks of getting tested for breast cancer risk in six educational modules developed by expert health care professionals in the field of genetic counseling.

Cancer Plan for Michigan 2016-2020 - Ann Garvin

Cancer Plan for Michigan 2016-2020 - Presentation by Ann Garvin at the MCGA Annual Meeting, April 2016

Cascade Genetic Testing in Families with Lynch Syndrome

PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Elena Stoffel during a webinar hosted by Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance (MCGA) and MDHHS on January 26, 2016.

Development of an iPhone App to Manage Surveillance in Women with a BRCA Mutation

Slides from a MCGA/MDHHS webinar presentation by Stephanie Cohen. May 3, 2016.

Implications of BRCA in Localized Prostate Cancer: 4 Key Questions (and Answers)

Slides from a webinar presented by Dr. Todd Morgan(University of Michigan) on September 26, 2017.

Informed Consent for Genetic Testing

The Informed Consent for Genetic Testing booklet was created to provide patient education about genetic testing so the most informed decision can be made about submitting a sample for testing.

Lynch Syndrome Screening Network

The mission of the LSSN is to promote universal Lynch syndrome screening on all newly diagnosed colorectal and endometrial cancers; to facilitate the ability of institutions to implement appropriate screening by sharing resources, protocols and data through network collaboration; and to investigate universal screening for other Lynch syndrome related malignancies.

MDHHS Cancer Family History Guide

This Cancer Family History Guide gives healthcare professionals an easy, helpful way to determine if a patient needs a referral for genetic counseling or increased screening for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers and Lynch syndrome.

MDHHS Cancer Genomics Epidemiology

Through public health surveillance, health education of providers and policy interventions with health insurance plans the impact of this MDHHS program is to reduce early cancer deaths in Michigan residents.

MDHHS Cancer Genomics Program

Michigan's Cancer Genomics Program provides information about hereditary cancer syndromes, such as BRCA and Lynch Syndrome. Resources for patients, patient advocates, health care providers, and professionals are available.

PARP Inhibitors for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer: Rationale and Clinical Outcomes

PARP Inhibitors for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer: Rationale and Clinical Outcomes - Presentation by Dr. Karen McLean at the MCGA Annual Meeting, April 2016

Talking to Adult Family Members About Cancer Risk: Results from the ABOUT Network

Slides from a webinar presented by Dr. Lisa Rezende (FORCE) on December 15, 2016.

Universal BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genetic Testing for Ovarian Cancer Patients

Slides from a MCGA/MDHHS webinar presentation by Erica Bednar. September 15, 2016.

Developing Evidence: The Value of Family Health History

Webinar presented by Dr. Lori Orlando (Duke University) on family health history and MeTree, a "patient-facing family health history-based risk assessment and clinical decision support program." November 14, 2016 - Empowering Families through Communication & Education

Presentation given by Megan Myers about "Empowering Families through Communication and Education" - Feb. 9, 2016 via webinar

The Ohio Colorectal Cancer Prevention Initiative: A statewide effort to identify Lynch syndrome families

Slides from the webinar presentation by Heather Hampel on March 22, 2016. "The Ohio Colorectal Cancer Prevention Initiative: A statewide effort to identify Lynch syndrome families"

Additional Resources

A Survey of Genetic Counselors in Michigan

Guest PowerPoint presentation in October 2009 at the Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance (MCGA) membership meeting.

Awareness and Utilization of BRCA1/2 Testing Among U.S. Primary Care Physicians 2007

Guest PowerPoint presentation in March 2012 at the Michigan Cancer Genetics Alliance (MCGA) membership meeting.

Beaumont Cancer Center of Excellence Cancer Genetics Newsletter

Beamont Hospital Cancer Center of Excellence has a quarterly Cancer Genetics newsletter with up to date information on what's new in the area of cancer genomics.

BRCAn’t Stop Me - Slide Presentation

Presentation by Mollie Smith, CEO and Founder of BRCAn't Stop Me, at the MCGA Annual Meeting, April 2016.

Cancer Benchmarks for Michigan Teachers

The Cancer Benchmarks for Michigan help define how new traits may arise in individuals through changes in genetic material, how cells grow and ways to discuss and explain different scientific ideas related to this topic.

Cancer Family History Guide Instruction Card

This instruction card describes the use of the MDCH Cancer Family History Guide guide which is designed to identify patients at increased risk for one of two hereditary cancer syndromes: Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome (HBOC) and Lynch syndrome.

Cancer Genomics Resources Order Form

Order these great informational MDCH cancer genomics resources including; family history fact cards, the cancer family history guide and informed consent booklet.

Cancer Genomics Terminology Fact Sheet

A list of common cancer genomics terminology and definitions

Cancer Genomics: Emerging Science in Comprehensive Cancer Control

MCGA Member PowerPoint presentation slide set posted April 2007

Clinical Genetic Services

This directory compiles all of the clinical genetic services available in the state of Michigan. It provides a background to genetic counseling, clinic sessions and a detailed list of clinic sites across the state. Topics for clinical genetics consults include: cancer, perinatal, ocular, pediatrics, neurogenetics, reproductive(prenatal) and adult genetics.

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