Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young (SCDY)

Sudden cardiac death claims the lives of more than 300 Michigan children and young adults between the ages of 1-39 years annually. These deaths are a tremendous loss not only for families, but for entire communities. Even more disheartening is that many of these deaths could be prevented through screening, detection, and treatment. SCDY victims are too young to die-and every life lost is one too many. One way to detect high risk conditions that predispose to SCDY is through pre-participation sports screening of student athletes. The resources below contain more information on SCDY as well as links to ongoing projects at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. For information on specific SCDY-related conditions, try searching the Resource Database.

Highlighted Resources

MDHHS Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young

The MDHHS Genomics Program initiated a surveillance system to further assess the impact of SCDY and identify action steps for prevention. This website provides links, events and data on SCDY.

MI HEARTSafe Schools

The MI HEARTSafe School Award Program was created to support school communities' efforts to prevent SCDY by screening athletes for inherited sudden cardiac arrest syndromes and increasing the awareness of how to recognize the signs of a sudden cardiac arrest and respond quickly.

Michigan Student Athlete Cardiac Awareness Month April 2019

The Michigan House of Representatives designates April 2019 as Michigan Student Athlete Cardiac Awareness Month, recognizing previous statewide cardiac emergency preparedness efforts and encouraging proper response to future cardiac emergencies within schools.

Pre-participation sports screening for Michigan student athletes

This pre-participation sports physical examination form must be filled out before any Michigan student practices with any athletic team. This form helps determine if a student is physically fit to participate in a variety of sports depending on their family history and personal health issues.

Too Young To Die - An update on the Impact of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young in Michigan 1999-2011

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is pleased to present this updated report detailing the impact of sudden cardiac death (SCD) in Michigan young people under age 40—an issue of grave public health concern.

Additional Resources

Cardiac Emergency Response Plan

A cardiac emergency response plan sample editable for use at your school.

Cardiac Emergency Response Protocol

Directions in case of a cardiac emergency.

Cardiac Emergency Response Team

Document for listing the people designated as the cardiac emergency response team.

KAYLA Foundation

Promotes accessible AEDs with trained emergency responders in schools.

Kimberly Anne Gillary Foundation

Dedicated to equipping Michigan high schools with AEDs, appropriate screening for all athletes, and promoting CPR/AED training and practice drills.

MI HEARTSafe CPR/AED training

How to get CPR training and obtain an AED for your school.

MI HEARTSafe MHSAA sports screening

Details on the MHSAA sports screening form and resources on pre-participation forms.

MI HEARTSafe other resources

List of additional resources related to prevention of SCDY.

MI HEARTSafe School Application

The MI HEARTSafe program encourages schools to prepare and protect students, staff, and visitors in the event of a cardiac emergency. Complete this application to see if you can receive a MI HEARTSafe designation.

MI HEARTSafe School Award Program

Details and criteria for the MI HEARTSafe school award program.

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